Membership Agreement • IslandWorks

Last updated · March 12 2024 Membership Agreement


This membership agreement is intentionally short, clear and concise. Here is the long and skinny of the agreement between you “the member” and us “IslandWorks”. IslandWorks is a trading name of Fruitbowl Media Ltd.

By joining and signing up as a Member, you are agreeing to the terms outlined below and understand that failure to uphold your end of the agreement will result in appropriate action being taken.

IslandWorks will:

  • Provide coworking space access, Monday-Friday, during the hours 9:00am–5:00pm
  • Provide rear car park access, Monday-Friday, during the hours of 8:30am–5:30pm (Gates are locked at 5:30pm)
  • Provide WiFi access with a minimum download speed of 60Mbps
  • Provide electricity points, desk space and chairs
  • Honour a 10% Discount on all food and drink purchases from The Coffee Lounge for Members.
  • Honour a 50% Discount on all Meeting Room and Conference Room hire fees for Members (Not to be used in conjunction with any other others/discounts).

As a member, you will:

  • Pay your membership fee within 7 days of the beginning of each month.
  • Inform us at least 7 working days before your membership renews if you need to upgrade, downgrade, suspend or cancel your monthly membership – we can only offer credit, not a refund.
  • Accept all responsibility for your own possessions whilst using IslandWorks.
  • Not enter staff-only areas at any time.
  • Not use the internet access or space for illegal activities.
  • Not use this address as your registered business or office address with any government or tax office. We’ve partnered with VirtualHQ who provide this service at an additional cost.
  • Not list this address as a means for you to receive mail, packages or parcels. We’ve partnered with VirtualHQ who provide this service at an additional cost.
  • Not leave doors open or ajar on purpose, or allow any other person into IslandWorks member’s only areas.
  • Not create noise or disruptions beyond that in line with professional work. Calls, meetings and discussions are totally OK – blasting music or videos out loud is not.
  • Not use profanity, name-calling or create ‘school yard’ issues. Bullying and harassment is not tolerated.
  • Not share your Member’s only WiFi with anyone else for any reason.
  • Not allow others to use your membership. Only named members may use the space, your membership is not transferable to other people.
  • Not bring guests into the coworking space without first consulting a community manager.
  • Not bring in guests to work at a desk alongside you, unless pre-approved by a community manager.
  • Clean up after yourself and all of your guests. All rubbish must be in a bin, and any items used must be returned.
  • Not remove any IslandWorks items (including consumables supplied for use whilst at IslandWorks) from the space at any time. Anyone found removing any items for use only whilst at IslandWorks will have their membership cancelled immediately.

Membership Price Review

  • Prices shown on our website are honoured for at least 6 months from initial sign up unless otherwise agreed in writing at time of signing up by the manager or owner of IslandWorks.
  • Prices will be reviewed annually and any changes made on the 1st of April of each year.
  • IslandWorks will inform any member of price changes by email at least 2 months prior to any changes to their memberships.
  • IslandWorks reserves the right to review prices at any time due to operational reasons beyond their control. IslandWorks will inform members of any price changes at the time and give two months notice prior to any changes.
  • Members accept any price changes that have been sent via email by default. If a member does not wish to continue their plan after the price increase, they will be required to provide their notice of cancellation of their membership as per the standard cancellation terms listed above.

More nitty gritty

  • Sometimes things happen out of our control such as power cuts, emergencies, and national shutdowns of spaces due to worldwide pandemics. We will work with you to fix the problem as quickly as possible, where possible.
  • Unused days do not roll over. To keep our costs low we do not count each member’s usage but trust people to not abuse that trust. We cannot offer refunds if you do not use your membership.
  • Each membership plans runs one calendar month at a time. We are unable to suspend or offer reductions for small breaks. If you require a suspension for a period of time, this can be requested however your return may be delayed based on the number of members and any waiting lists in place at the time of your requested return.
  • We may, from time to time, need to close certain areas for various reasons (electrical testing, maintenance, cleaning, etc). We will give you notice and accommodate you as best as we can in another area, if possible.
  • We really want to trust people and believe that everyone is honest. Our cancellation period is at least 7 working days before the start of the next billing period (1st of every month at 12:00am). We haven’t ambiguously chosen this timeframe, this is how long it takes to stop a Direct Debit from being processed. If you don’t provide notice to cancel, and bail out on paying, we may have to collect those fees another way. By joining and signing up as members, you are agreeing to these terms and understand that failure to pay results in legal action being taken.
  • We reserve the right to cancel anyone’s membership. It has to be pretty serious or persistent breaches of our membership. We don’t kick people out for the sake of it, however at the same time, we are a community space and need to ensure we are doing right by everyone.
  • We may or may not offer rewards or offers. When we do – we will post the terms and conditions on this website. We have the right to withdraw rewards, offers and promotions at any time.
  • If you hire a locker (coming soon!) you will ensure you do not store items that could cause harm to others. This includes chemicals, flammable and/or explosive items, or perishable food items.
  • When hiring a locker, you agree not to damage or change the locker, or lock furniture (i.e. lock), or adapt the locker or lock in any way. If you change the lock or code, and do not inform staff, you agree to pay any fee associated to in obtaining access back to the locker and returning the locker to the condition that it was first provided.