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Last updated · January 8 2024 About our Art Gallery Week

About the Event

We plan to have 1 or 2 prints, paintings or framed artwork pieces from each local artist participating in the event. We’ve received incredible interest, so we’re no longer restricted to just the stage. We plan to fill up the entire main lobby/event space with everyone’s artwork.

There is no specific theme for the event. We aim to showcase a variety of mediums, subjects and art styles the island has to offer. So, please put forward your best work!


Participating in the event will be entirely free of charge by bringing your own easel or freestanding floor display to showcase your artwork. You will also be required to sign a waiver to ensure the safe display of your artwork.

The event is planned to run for a week, Monday to Friday (12-16th February 2024) with the first day from 9:00am being drop-off, and the last day at 4:00pm being collection. Artwork can be placed anywhere within the area indicated below, but please ensure clearance to rooms and fire escapes is maintained:

Taking Part

If this sounds like an opportunity too good to miss, and you’d like in on the action. Please register your interest before Monday January 22, 2024 here: hello@islandworks.co.uk

For submitted artwork, we recommend naming your artwork and providing a short excerpt about each piece on a printed A7-sized label. Please also remember to bring your signed waiver along with your artwork, or pick up one in-store at The Coffee Lounge.

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