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Saturday May 11, 2024 • 3pm – 5pm TAMs Journey ‘Connections” Marketplace

We are delighted to host this event and look forward to welcoming many of our colleageus, professionals and families, to come together and share our experiences, to reach out and form new ‘CONNECTIONS’ so that as may children and young people can benefit from our combined force.

This event encourages familes, practitioners, local business owners, to attend and meet stall holders and both national and local services and find out some of the AMAZING things that can engage and support young people and familes

Stall holders to be updated as confirmed, but so far we have confirmation from the following:

Inner Compass – Sam is the founder and owner of Inner Compass Therapeutic Services; delivering play therapy and other therapeutic support to children and young people, their families and professionals..

PEK – Positively Empowered Kids – Clare Clemnts, Claire is the founder of Positive Pants and Jackie Wilson, Keynote Speaker, Empowerment Coach and Founder of Empower Education and the Emotions Toolkit, both Authors and Practitioners

Dr Mine Conkbayir – Earcly Childhood Neuroscience and ACES/TRAUMA expert, Author of Mayas ACE Adventure

Amanda Peddle – Specialst Consultant for Enagement and Emotional Response Awareness, Author of the TAMs Journey Book Series and resources, ERA model creator.

Whats Your Strength – Award winning cards created by Careers Adviser, Katherine Jennick, to empower people to explore their skills and qualities, discover strengths, and unlock potential.

Spark Catherine – Early Years expert, Software and resource designer

The Sue Atkins Book Club – Authors from the Sue Atkins book club will be providing books for you to see and read through on the day .

Nirvana Care – Residential Childrens Services and 16-18 Care Leavers support

Sheppey is Ours – a queer, disabled and neurodivergent lead organisation which works to ensure that everyone feels welcome to call Sheppey their own. We do this through art, and community get togethers that ensure a space for all people who need it.”

Childs Vision “are committed to ‘breaking the cycle’ of domestic abuse by creating awareness of the mental, emotional and social effects this has on children, through education and direct support”.

ADHD Sheppey ‘The Wondeful Bev Knolker, ADHD Life Coach who also has ADHD, is a Neuro Linguistic Programming and TimeLine Therapy Life Coach and Practitioner’

More to be confimed

TAMs Journey ‘Connections” Marketplace

May 11, 2024

3pm – 5pm

The Event Space